If loving coffee is wrong, I don t want to be right. Coffee is an essential part of my day and it makes me feel happy. I m always thinking of unique ways to incorporate coffee into my meals. For example, the other day I had a delicious a coffee cupcake from one of my favorite bakeries […]

You know them as well as we do: dull hair, split ends, lack of volume, and etc. Just about everyone- no matter what hair you have- falls prey to at least one of these common hair issues, but that ends today. As a Salon, Fashion Week, & Editorial Stylist with over 18+ years experience, Cutler/Redken […]

It s very easy to cover up those few extra pounds with a jacket or a chunky sweater. But when the temperatures rise, there s just nowhere for the bulge to hide. We re just two months away to get to our summer body weight so now is the perfect time for a reboot  and what better way […]

Shopping for the perfect swimsuit can oftentimes be tough, but once you know what bathing suits work for your body type, you ll find the most flattering swimsuit in no time. Our friends over at Farfetch, created this infographic showing us how to find the ideal cut and style that will give you the perfect beach […]

Spring into pastels with these two adorable Easter egg nail looks from Jin Soon Choi, founder of JinSoon Nail Lacquer line and Jin Soon Hand & Foot Spas in NYC. Keep scrolling to see the step-by-step tutorials to create the two-toned and three-toned look at home! How To: 1.       File and shape your nails in a […]

I love good coffee. I started drinking coffee during my freshman year in college and now I fully rely on it to get me through the work day. The early wakeups is a struggle and I always find myself rushing out the door. I never have the time to make myself  a pot of coffee […]